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ERA Token
$ERA is a governance token specifically designed for ERA Name Service. It allows users to participate in platform governance, stake their tokens, and earn rewards. 250,000,000 of a total 500,000,000 tokens were airdropped to .era domain owners on May 21, 2023. Financial infrastructure is explained in detail in the Tokenomics section. The ERA token contract is open source and renounced ownership. Wallets of the tokens allocated in the contract are in detail.
More than 40% of tokens are staked. Invest in the future with 365% APY per year. In the first phase, 75 Million Tokens are reserved for the Stake pool to be distributed. 35 Million tokens were purchased with .era domain sales revenues and a total of 110 Million tokens were secured for distribution in the staking pool. There is no mandatory expiry time for their exit to the staking pool.
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