💡What are Ether name services?

Ether name services are specialized domain services designed to work on Ethereum and Ethereum's L2 layers. Ether name services were initiated to address issues in web3 domains.

So, what were the issues?

Annual Renewal Fees: Web3 domain services were charging users annual renewal fees.

Solution: While there is a cost to store data on the blockchain, there is no cost to move data within the blockchain. Ether name services and other connected name services on L2 layers do not have annual fees. Once you purchase a domain, it belongs to you for a lifetime.

Unfair Launch: Some web3 domain services were not fairly launched.

Solution: All Ether name services were launched simultaneously, and no domain names were pre-reserved.

Complexity and Data Storage: Other name services either had complex mechanisms or did not store data on the blockchain.

Solution: All Ether name services are straightforward, do not require a controller, and store all information on the blockchain.

Limited Purpose: Web2 domains were launched to bring communities together under a common name, but web3 domains were only launched to shorten addresses.

Solution: Ether name services recognize the importance of building communities, and with the support of customizable subdomains, all domain owners can build their own communities. Ether name services natively support these services, eliminating the need for extra applications.

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