🟠.era (zkSync Era)

.era (zkSync Era): The first project on the layer 2 of the Ether Project. It has over 70,000 registrations and more than 60,000 owners, making it the largest name service in the Ether Project. The governance token $ERA was distributed for free to domain owners.

Website: https://era.name

Twitter: https://twitter.com/era_domain

Github (Integration) : https://github.com/ERA-name-service/Era-Name-Service-for-zkSync-Era-Mainnet

E-mail: info@era.name

zkSync is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to address some of Ethereum's scalability challenges by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs to enable faster and more cost-effective transactions while still maintaining a high level of security.

The term "zkSync Era" likely refers to a significant upgrade or a new phase in the development of zkSync. Such upgrades are common in rapidly evolving technologies like blockchain, where new features and improvements are introduced to enhance the system's capabilities.

The zkSync protocol uses zero-knowledge rollups, a type of layer-2 scaling solution, to bundle multiple transactions into a single proof that can be verified on the Ethereum mainnet. This reduces the number of transactions that need to be processed on the mainnet, thereby increasing scalability and reducing gas fees for users.

Zero-knowledge proofs allow for the verification of the validity of a set of transactions without revealing the specific details of each transaction, ensuring privacy and security while improving overall throughput. This makes zkSync an attractive option for applications that require high transaction throughput, such as decentralized exchanges and payments.

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